Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Trader Joe's Finds

By now you've probably put two and two together and figured out that Trader Joe's is my favorite place to shop. I love their products and I love the service there not to mention the free samples they always have at the back of the store. I've found out about so many different products and recipes that way! 

Usually when I go grocery shopping I just stick to my list and don't wander around much because that's how I get into trouble with buying wayyy too many things that I don't need! On Friday, though, I didn't really have much of a list in mind, and wanted to shop around for more ideas. Call me weird but if I had my choice of a shopping spree then I would definitely pick a grocery store! Grocery shopping is my favorite kind of shopping. 

My mom made a special request of more snacks so I took my time just looking up and down each aisle for anything that I haven't tried before. I'm glad I did because a lot of things I haven't tried before caught my eye!

I found these bars as a healthier snack for my mom since she loves anything with chocolate or brownies but I mean who doesn't right?! She absolutely loved these bars and I took a bite out of hers too for "quality control purposes" as I like to say ;) 

In other words, it's just my excuse to mooch off of people! These bars were great and very soft but still moist for being packaged. I think one night for dessert this week I'll heat one up in the microwave. I've done that with other bars before and it's seriously ah-mazing!

I also picked up these honey wheat pretzel sticks that I've seen before but never really tried either. Another great snack to keep handy for when you're on the go! Someone else was rather interested as she heard the crinkling while she was "helping" me to unpack the groceries. I let her have a little sample and she approved of them as well! 

There's more of a story that goes along with this find. Originally, I wanted to get the ice cream which was the sample of the day-- Cookie Butter Vanilla Ice Cream which was a blend of their cookie butter spread and vanilla ice cream. It was honestly amazing but when I went to get a carton I took a look at the nutrition facts and they made me sad. It was pretty high in carbs and calories even with my flexible macros. I didn't trust myself just yet to keep it in the house when I knew I'd only be able to have like half a serving. So I picked up this vanilla ice cream to have for Treat Yoself Friday as it was much more macro-friendly! I wasn't disappointed at all as it was incredibly delicious and made me forget all about the cookie butter one, well almost forget. 

I've had these before plenty of times but just wanted to share them in case anyone else hasn't heard of them before. Trader Joe's has an awesome selection of cookies that are very macro-friendly. You can have 12 of these little buggers for a decent amount of carbs that won't wreck your waistline! It's all about moderation of course but I love being able to treat myself to small things like this every day without guilt. 

On Saturday morning I made a protein smoothie with these cookies and it was a nice change from my usual post-workout smoothie. 

Hands down my favorite find was this guacamole! Low price and quality taste, what more could you want?! As soon as I saw it was made with Greek yogurt I couldn't turn it down. I couldn't believe the nutrition facts because it tasted just like regular guacamole! It was so creamy and flavorful with chunks of avocado and fresh tomatoes. I put this on our turkey burgers that we grilled yesterday but I ate plenty of it with fresh veggies all weekend! My favorite combination was dipping cauliflower or carrots in it instead of chips. 

I got a bunch of other things as well but they were part of my usual list. I just wanted to share some of the new stuff I've tried in case anyone else needs new ideas! The best part was that I filled three of their huge paper bags with groceries but spent less than $50!! I was honestly surprised when the total rang up because I felt a little guilty that I might have been going overboard with the groceries. Since I usually stick to a strict budget and list when I shop it was awesome to find out I didn't even really splurge. If there's any other Trader Joe's fans I'd love to hear your suggestions about products to try! 

Hope you're all recovering from the long weekend! :)

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