Sunday, September 14, 2014

Random Long Run Thoughts

I don't know about the other runners out there but I have some pretty random thoughts during my long runs. Pretty similar to the thoughts you contemplate while in the shower. Usually during long runs I have a lot of serious life thoughts or use it as prayer time, whatever I really need to think about or get off my chest with God. 

It's very therapeutic and one of the reasons I absolutely love my long runs. It's also one of the only runs during the week where I listen to music. I have a playlist filled with Christian and worship music that I love to listen to and it just fills me with positive vibes to get me through the run. 

It might've been because I was so excited to be running again but my thoughts were particularly entertaining yesterday morning and extra random. Just in case anyone else does this stuff I figured I'd share. 

"Okay, here we go! I'm gonna make this run my betch." 

"Oh mylanta the weather is perrrrfect! Is that? Oh my, it is. I CAN SEE MY BREATH. Oh happy, happy fall day!" 

"I am really, really happy right now. This is fantastic. Why did I ever stop running?"

"Yes I've been waiting for this song to come one! Fix my eyes on youuuu. Yes, I will fix my eyes on you Joel, you handsome man. I think that concert is next week. Wait, no that's the 24th." 

"I should make a For King&Country playlist on my Spotify to prepare. I can't wait to see them live." 

"HOLY COW. The first 2 miles in 14 minutes?! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??"

"I. am. invincible." 

"My quads and glutes deserve a medal." 

"Okay, okay here's the first big hill. Entering beast mode." 

"Two hills down, one hill left. It always kicks my butt but not this time."

"Okay quads, do your thing." 

***30 seconds later and only a third way up the hill***

"....maybe.....I lungs are on fire..."

"This is how a dragon must feel before breathing fire. Either that or it's bronchitis." 

"Little leggies, don't fail me now!"

"Okay WOW glad that hill is over. Dang it, it still gets me every time." 

"Oh look someone texted me! Nevermind it's an email." 

"I wondered who emailed me...I want to know but I can't stop now to look. This is gonna bother me for the next 3 miles." 

"Probably just a sale at Old Navy. Maybe they have more leggings on sale." 

"As if I need more leggings."

"Let's be honest, everyone can always use more leggings." 

"Speaking of leggings what should I wear later? Maybe I'll break out the boots." 

"This is so exciting, I can't wait to go apple picking. And pumpkins! We need to pick out pumpkins this year." 

"I'll have to  see when Schram's open so we know when to go." 

"Also, I need to start making more pumpkin recipes this fall. Margot and I have a lot of stuff pinned to our board now."

"I'll organize a list when I get home. How did I ever not like pumpkin?"

"I need to optimize the eatability of all things pumpkin."

"But first I'll try out a second batch of those chocolate chunk cookies today." 

"Less oil. They need less coconut oil. But will half a cup be too little? I'll double check with Amanda. She's the one getting her degree in chemistry after all." 

"Baking is close enough to chem, right?"

"Oh look! Only 1 mile left." 

"Woot made it to the homestretch! Three quarters of a mile downhill and then I'll be done!"

"OMIGOSH I'm only at 50 minutes?! I need to make sure I get home in 4 minutes." 

"That'll be less than an average of a 9 minute mile. How am I doing this?"

"Woah those leg days have paid off!"

"I am really motoring down this hill. I feel like I must look really impressive." 

"But then again...

"That's probably really accurate right now." 

"Oh well, I'm feeling great!" 

"Like I can almost fly...I belieeeeeve I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!"

"I haven't heard that song in years. Wasn't that popular when I was in like first grade?"

"There was some kind of random parody we used to sing about it. I can't think of it now." 

"Maybe it'll come to me. I just remember my mom yelling at me when I'd sing it."


"6 miles in 53 minutes? Heck yes!! Marathon here I come!"

"Aww look the pups are waiting for me! I need to figure out how to hide Denver so I can keep him." 

"But first, peanut butta smoooothie time." 

The end. 

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