Monday, September 8, 2014

PB&J Nachos

So yesterday after getting home from Phipps I was starving and decided to whip up a quick snack! I had this idea before of making PB&J nachos but the problem yesterday was that I was too hungry to wait to make my own homemade tortilla chips. By the time they would be ready it would be dinner time and I couldn't wait that long!

Then, the idea occurred to me to toast the tortilla on the stove. So that's exactly what I did and it turned out to crisp up nicely! It wasn't as crisp as a tortilla chip would be in the oven but it still served well enough for my purposes.

All I did was spray a pan with coconut oil spray (it won't taste coconutty I promise) and then heat the pan for a couple seconds before adding the tortilla. I browned it on each side for a couple minutes until it was crispy and firm.

I let it cool for a minute so the peanut butter wouldn't melt too much when spreading it on. I used 2 tbsp of Jif Whips maple brown sugar which I'm in love with! I was really disappointed since they were out of the pumpkin flavor which I can't wait to try. Along with 1 tbsp of organic strawberry jelly.

Once the tortilla has cooled a bit spread on the PB&J then slice up into nachos! I used a pizza cutter which worked nicely. 


Macros: 26g carbs, 13g protein, 15g fat

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