Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Random Updates

So this is just gonna be a slightly random post and I'm not entirely sure what category it falls under. I couldn't decide so I just ended up adding another section under health&fitness where you'll be able to find these. Basically I just wanted to do posts like this every so often because I feel like sometimes we can forget (maybe it's just me) that people on the internet or social media are actual real-life people. Usually we only get a snapshot of their life but I wanted to go beyond that. A lot of what happens during my day may not fall into one of the categories of recipes, fitness, or beauty which is why this post is random!

This blog is about my journey, the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, the pretty and the guys get the picture. So, what I plan on doing with these random posts is to hold me accountable for opening myself up to my readers. Hopefully by now you guys can tell that I strive to be honest with you guys regardless of how my day is going.

Every so often I just want to do a random post with just a typical day whether good or bad. It's probably not going to be on a set schedule but whenever I feel like it's time to share again. I just want to be real and show people that my life is far from perfect, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

So, to go along with the randomness here's what I've been up to lately!

In case you guys didn't know, yesterday was National Dog Day. I had no clue until someone told me and then I saw all the posts about it on social media. Well, of course I had to play my part because I happen to have the best pup in the world! For those of you who believe you have the best dog too, let's not argue but agree to disagree? I'm sure we all think we have the best dog but that's how it's supposed to be :)

Call me sappy or a crazy dog person but this little nugget has brought so much joy and happiness to my life! I mean talk about a blessing because I love this dog to pieces. No matter what kind of day I'm having I know the little bright spot on the horizon is her greeting when I come home for the day! Also, for those of you thinking I'm a crazy dog person I took a quiz on Barkpost and I'll have you know that they said my results were ideal: I might be crazy about my dog but I don't let her run the show, she knows I'm the boss. Although I realize that sharing the fact that I took a quiz about being a crazy dog person probably just reinforces the fact that I seem like a crazy dog person. Oh well, I have no regrets! 

This weekend I finally got around to making my own homemade iced coffee. I have no clue why it took me literally all summer to make it but I wish now that I had been making it all summer! All I did was brew the coffee the night before, let it cool in a mason jar, and then stuck it in the fridge overnight. The next morning I poured it over ice in my mug and added my usual creamer. That's all it took and it was so much more refreshing than having warm coffee on an 80 degree morning! 

We also went for a nice long hike on Sunday afternoon at Frick Park which is a bit of a drive from our house but it's worth it. It was absolutely gorgeous out and there were hardly any people around so it was really serene and peaceful. For some reason I was feeling kind of ansty all weekend so I just wanted to get out and stretch my legs. Layla absolutely loves going to Frick and it's a great place for her to socialize since there are plenty of other dogs around. 

I've been lifting and doing HIIT cardio for the past few weeks, and even though I love the results I'm getting, a part of me really misses running. So this morning I snuck in a 3 mile run into my workout schedule instead of doing a HIIT session. I figured replacing one session with a run wouldn't do any harm this week. It's been a great week training-wise so far and I actually emailed my trainer this morning because I was too excited about my progress to wait until check-in to update her! Even though last week was rough, it just proved the point to myself that I had to keep going and be consistent, and that the results would come. Like I said it's been a game of patience for me! 

I wasn't exactly thrilled with my time because usually I run about a 9 minute mile. I took Layla with me this morning and we were both lagging a bit. We were doing fine until about halfway through when the humidity really got worse, and we started to struggle from there. In the end, though, my time doesn't matter because it was great to be able to get out and run so I'm thankful that I'm still able to do that! There was a time when I couldn't run at all due to injuries so I'm thankful to have my health, and a pretty adorable running buddy :)

After my run, I had a peanut butter smoothie (minus the banana) and overnight oats!

Also, what would a random post be without a little more randomness? After my sister stopped at Trader Joe's, these magical little buggers appeared in our pantry which means I'm going to spend a lot of my carbs on these today! I mean what else is IIFYM for?!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!!

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