Saturday, April 19, 2014

Overnight Oats

On my rest days, overnight oats are pretty much my go-to breakfast since I'm not having a post-run smoothie. It took me awhile to find a balance between the oats and liquid to get it to a consistency that I liked especially since I put in frozen berries and that can add extra moisture to the oats as well. I've seen so many different variations of this recipe that it was hard to find a combination that suited me. I don't like my oats too mushy or runny so this version keeps them nice and firm but still creamy at the same time. It's such an easy breakfast to throw together the night before so that in the morning you're not rushing to get something healthy before you're out the door! I just make it while I'm packing my lunch and then I can relax for the rest of the evening. Food prep is key for staying on track. If you have everything already made and waiting for you, you're less likely to swing by somewhere on your way to work. It saves you money and calories so win-win situation!

These overnight oats are low in fat and loaded with calcium, protein, and anti-oxidants from the blueberries! I pair mine with fresh fruit and a cup of coffee to start my day with a well-rounded meal :)

All you need are two simple ingredients: oats and almond milk. The rest you can add in with whatever you like! Personally, I can't have oatmeal without blueberries. It's one of my favorite combinations so whenever I make these oats, blueberries are a must! I also like to add in a little bit of greek yogurt for creaminess and some stevia for sweetness. You can also add protein powder, basically any fruits you like, honey, coconut sugar, dried fruits, chocolate chips, shaved coconut, any type of yogurt, nuts, whatever you like! This is such a flexible recipe that you have the freedom to get creative with your taste buds!

What you'll need: 
1/2 oats
about 1/2 cup almond milk 
~ I fill mine a little less than 1/2 cup but it depends on how runny you like your oats. If you're not adding in any yogurt then you might want to add a little more almond milk for moisture.

My add-ins: 
1/2 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1 tsp stevia
1-2 tblsp plain Greek yogurt
My standard ingredients
I use frozen blueberries because they're cheaper and defrost overnight in the refrigerator. I've used fresh blueberries as well but I can't really tell the difference between the two, it's always delicious! The main thing is just that the frozen blueberries will turn your oats purple but taste-wise it's all the same!
Let it sit overnight so the oats can soak up all the deliciousness
The finished product! I like to have mine with a banana and cup of coffee :)

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