Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mini Home Circuit Workout

Lately I've been focused more on weight training in addition to my running. I'm still focused on my half-marathon in May but I like to add in extra workouts to switch it up for my muscles! So after my run today, I put together this mini workout that you can do at home! If you have a couple of dumbbells and a resistance band then you're good to go but if not, you can do these still with just your bodyweight!

Repeat the whole circuit 4-5 times

1. basic squat with bicep curl, 15 reps
2. stair jumps, 30 reps
3. plank, hold 30 sec
4. standing leg lifts, 15 reps each side
5. wall sit, 30 sec

If you have dumbbells then use them for the squats and use the resistance band for the standing leg lifts. The key for all these moves is to have control! You'll get a much better workout and results if you slow down the moves and make sure you're using correct form. I found out that I had been doing squats way too fast and now that I've taken the time to slow down and check my form, I get a much better workout! Don't be afraid to challenge yourself and use heavier weights or go for more reps. It's all about switching it up!

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