Thursday, April 17, 2014

Apple Protein Smoothie

After my run yesterday, I whipped up a smoothie in my sister's new Ninja blender. Let me start by saying that I was the oh-so-loving and perfect little sister that got her this birthday present (yes, you're right in assuming that I also had personal interest invested in this gift). I had no issues with our last blender and it worked fine but I could not get over how perfectly smooth and blended my smoothie turned out with the new one! Seriously, I was amazed and the best part is that the blender came with 2 smoothie cups so that I didn't have to use the whole blender to make it. Super easy clean-up! This is a blender after my heart...

So back to my smoothie. It's really easy and simple as I just used my normal base of vanilla protein powder and almond milk. Usually I put in a banana but I wanted to switch it up with something different. We didn't have enough fresh berries so I went with an apple. It was four simple ingredients: a medium apple, 1 full scoop of protein powder, 6 oz almond milk, and cinnamon! Throw it all in the blender and blend until it's smooth. Usually what I would do is add everything to the blender except the powder and then as the blender is running, slowly pour the protein powder in. For me, that made the smoothie so much lighter and frothier than just adding the powder at the beginning. With the new blender, though, there were zero issues with light and frothy, it came out perfectly!

Combine all the ingredients in the blender. This is where I would usually leave out the protein powder and slowly pour it in while the blender is running. If you haven't already tried that, I would highly recommend doing it! It really made a difference for me texture-wise. 

I want to shake the hand of the brilliant person who invented this way to make smoothies. 
All I had to do was switch out the lids and my smoothie was ready to go :)

***nutritional information***
195 calories, 18.5g protein, and 3g fat

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