Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vacation Wrap-up! Part 2

Don't worry guys I didn't forget about the most important part of the vacation-- all the yummy food we ate! Amanda and I were really excited because there was a local farmer's market on Tuesday so of course we went over to check it out. The homemade honey immediately caught our eye and the guy was really friendly and gave us all sorts of samples. He had a lemon-infused honey which I thought was really clever because I've never tried it or thought about adding any sort of flavors to honey. It was deeee-licious! We got a jar of it and I can't wait to start using it in my teas and other baking recipes. Since it's been so hot in the summer I haven't been craving tea as much but I'll be excited to get back into the habit after the next couple months.

I was excited that the beans were multi-colored because I've never tried purple ones. It turned out that after we cooked them they turned green and still tasted the same. I was disappointed but quickly got over it because the beans were so fresh and crisp! 

We were also very happy that there was a Kohr Brothers near us! I grew up on this stuff since there was one at the boardwalk near our beach house. It reminds me so much of my childhood because we would walk the couple blocks to the boardwalks most nights after dinner and just walk along the boardwalk with our ice cream. 

I was pleasantly surprised that it's also relatively guilt-free. There's only 130 calories in a small and it's also low in fat! This was very welcome news and so naturally we went back again later in the week :) 
Amanda and I made sure to keep up with our running every morning plus took plenty of walks on the beach so we earned our treats that week!

Wednesday morning we went out to breakfast! Like I said there were some restaurants with dog-friendly seating so we decided to go to the Blue Pig. It was a perfect morning and the area outside the restaurant was beautiful. It's actually part of the Congress Hall building which was an old hotel in the 1800s and then restored about 10 years ago. So it's a functioning hotel once again with a really cute patio restaurant!

I got egg whites with fresh fruit and an english muffin with honey almond butter. We also ordered a side of bacon for the pup since she deserved a breakfast treat too, right?!

Like I said we did tons of grilling and my favorite was the grilled zucchini and squash! I have more pictures and I'll post the recipe soon!

The leftover zucchini and squash also went great on my egg white sandwich that I had for lunch the next day!

And of course, what would vacation be without a little carb indulgence? You can find my recipe for these blueberry pancakes here!

Also I had to share this picture because it makes me laugh! In the evenings we would take my mom and Layla for a walk around so my mom would watch the sunset. Of course Layla and I took some cute pictures and then Amanda wanted one with her, too. You can see whose picture she wanted to be in ;)

Sorry again that these past two posts have been a random string of pictures and information! I definitely lost track of the days on vacation but hey isn't that the best part of being able to relax? I hope all of you are enjoying your summer so far! 

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