Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grilled Zucchini and Squash

I may have gone overboard with grilling on vacation but everything tastes so much better when it's grilled! It just adds a whole new flavor profile to the food that I can't get enough of it. While on vacation our go-to method of cooking any food was "just throw it on the grill". So that's exactly what we did. Zucchini, squash, chicken, swordfish, steaks, corn, the list goes on.

Today I'm gonna share the zucchini and squash recipe for two very important reasons: 1) it was my favorite and 2) it was the only one I took pictures...oops. Sorry guys but I'm not the type of person that takes a lot of pictures to begin with and since I was on vacation I had zero idea of work on my mind.

To prepare the zucchini and squash first cut it long ways. I think I got about 3-4 pieces per zucchini/squash. An easy way to cut this would be to have the zucchini flat on the cutting board and then take a plate and cover the zucchini. While you hold down the plate, run your knife through the zucchini to cut it in half. I hate to admit but I did not do it the safer, easy way. I just cut off the ends, stood the zucchini up on one end and ran my knife down the middle to cut it in half and repeated it with each of the halves. I wouldn't recommend doing it this way but my knife was too short and small to do it the smarter way. So I had to risk cutting my fingers off because there was no way I wasn't having grilled zucchini and squash. You also don't have to cut it in so many pieces like I did but halves would work just as well!

I then sprayed them with olive oil spray. Since we were on vacation and didn't have actual olive oil I had to improvise. I would recommend brushing each slice with a bit of real olive oil on both sides. Then season with salt, pepper, and garlic. 

Let the grill heat up and then lay the zucchini and squash down. They cook fairly quickly and only need a couple minutes per side. Just keep your eye on them until they're fork tender. 

I cut mine up and had it along with grilled chicken and brown rice! Yes, the chicken and rice are under there I just happened to have an enormous serving of the zucchini and squash :)

What's your favorite thing to grill?

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